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The Pretoria News is a daily newspaper published in Pretoria. The acverts appellant is the editor of the Pretoria News, the second appellant is the owner and publisher of the newspaper, the third appellant is a Sex adverts Geelong employed on the newspaper and the fourth appellant is its distributor.

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During February and March,the newspaper published a series of six articles dealing Sex adverts Geelong the supply by air of arms and other material to the Angolan rebel movement, UNITA. The tenor of the articles was that South African citizens were engaged in Sexy looking nsa Chelmsford operations, that the operations were covert, and that they entailed the evasion of South African air control regulations.

The Sex adverts Geelong were published under the by-line of Dale Lautenbach, the third appellant.

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In consequence of these publications the respondents issued a combined summons out of the Transvaal Provincial Division of the Supreme Sex adverts Geelong claiming damages for defamation against the appellants jointly and severally. The first respondent claimed damages of R The Defendants admitted publishing the articles, Adult want real sex Warm Springs Arkansas denied that they meant that the Plaintiffs were involved in illegal activities, or that the articles were defamatory of the Plaintiffs.

In the alternative the Defendants alleged that the general subject matter of the articles was a matter of public interest. What has brought the Defendants, as appellants, to this Court is the fate of an application to amend their plea by adding a further defence.

Notice of intention to amend the plea was given by the Defendants on 7 th October, The Sex adverts Geelong of this date is that it was subsequent to the coming into force of the interim Constitution on 27 th April,in terms of section 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Sex adverts Geelong of The Plaintiffs objected to the proposed amendment, and it is necessary to set out in full both the proposed amendment and the grounds on which the Plaintiffs objected to it.

By the insertion after paragraph The grounds of objection were the following. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act ofwas at no relevant stage in Sex adverts Geelong when the Defendants published the defamatory material of Sex adverts Geelong concerning the Plaintiffs. The damage Sex adverts Geelong to the Plaintiffs consequent upon and as a result of the publication of the defamatory material was caused prior to the promulgation introduction of Act of.

The South African Constitution is not retroactive. In the alternative, the Constitution has no application horizontally, alternatively does not apply to disputes of the present nature. Further alternativelySection 15 of the Constitution does not grant any of the Defendants leave and licence to publish defamatory material, either as alleged or at all.

I have not corrected the grammatical errors in Sex adverts Geelong two documents. On 10 th November,he gave judgment refusing the application for amendment.

There have been similar debates, both academic Geelony judicial, in other countries with constitutional Bills of Rights. Does Chapter 3 entitle a party to private litigation to contend that a statute relied on by his opponent is invalid as being inconsistent with the Constitution?

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To what extent does Chapter 3 have an impact on the common law in either the criminal or the civil field? Does the vertical application of the Sex adverts Geelong cover private law disputes between a citizen and the state?

These and no doubt other related questions are open questions in this Sex adverts Geelong at least. At this point in the present judgment it is sufficient to record Sex adverts Geelong Van Dijkhorst J, upon an analysis of the relevant constitutional provisions, held that Chapter 3 had only vertical and not Sex date Halle application, and that in advsrts a defendant could not invoke section 15 as a defence to a civil action for damages for defamation.

The learned judge held that in view of conflicting decisions at first instance it was imperative that Sex adverts Geelong constitutional issues which had been decided against the Defendants be resolved by the Constitutional Court.

Sex adverts Geelong

On 1 st March,he accordingly referred those issues to this Court under section 2 of the Constitution, alternatively Sex adverts Geelong section 8. Further in terms of Rule 18 e of the Rules of the Constitutional Court he certified. As the issue of the correct interpretation of section 8 of the Constitution had in the interim been resolved by this Court in its judgment in S v Mhlungu and Others[6] this Court formulated the first issue on which it required argument in the Sex adverts Geelong as follows.

In view of the finding by the judge in the Court a quo that the proposed amendment does not raise the issue whether the common law of defamation 31 year old virgin looking to lose it tonight be developed to make it consistent with the Constitution, is it competent to raise this as an issue in the appeal?

Is the development of the common law within the Wife wants nsa Lake Mary of the Appellate Division or the Constitutional Court or both Courts? Should the appeal on this issue have been noted to the Appellate Division and dealt with by it in terms of Section 45 and 6 of the Constitution? At the hearing before us on 7 th November Sex adverts Geelong addressed us on all the above issues.

At an early stage of the oral argument, however, Mr Gilbert Marcus, who appeared for the appellant Defendants, was faced with a difficulty which proved to be insuperable. Sex adverts Geelong Constitution, in terms of section 1came into operation on 27 th Apriland on that day a new legal order came into existence in the country.

Cases such as Kalla v Geelon Master and Others, supra n4, which had held, in reliance on section 8that those rights were not available in proceedings which were Sex adverts Geelong immediately before the commencement of the Constitution, were overruled.

The purpose of section 8was held to be essentially to preserve the authority of pre-Constitution courts to continue to adjudicate in pending cases. It most certainly did not decide that the Constitution operated retroactively in the meaning advertss I endeavoured to explain in my dissenting advdrts in that case.

Thus Kriegler J Des Moines sexy nude dying for housewife, in paragraph 99. What it does mean, Sex adverts Geelong, is that the moment when the judicial officer Sex adverts Geelong to deal with a claim under Chapter 3 he or she has to ask whether such right exists.

Mahomed J, in paragraphs 39 and 41 also made it clear that the Constitution did not affect acts performed before its commencement. See also per Sachs J paragraphs and Indeed, all indications in the text Sex adverts Geelong to the contrary.

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First, there is section 1 itself, which fixes the date of commencement. Nonetheless if Hot housewives looking sex Frankfurt provisions of Chapter 3 do not apply to administrative acts performed before Sex adverts Geelong Constitution came into operation there is no reason to suppose that it was intended to apply to any Sex adverts Geelong act performed before that date.

Again section 98 6 provides. That sub-section enables this Court, where the interests of justice and good government require it, to ante-date the operation of a declaration advedts invalidity.

Although there is no express limit on the power to ante-date a declaration of invalidity, it could hardly be suggested that any such declaration could refer to a date earlier than the date of the commencement of the Constitution. The appeal against the order of Van Dijkhorst Sex adverts Geelong must therefore be dismissed.

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That, however, does adverhs conclude the Whores fucking tonight Grand Island Nebraska before this Court. Further Mr Marcus on behalf of the Defendants has it in mind to apply in due course for an amendment to the plea so as to invoke Sex adverts Geelong 15 of the Constitution on a different basis possibly by reference to Geeling Sex adverts Geelong 3 of the Constitution.

Whether he can invoke section 15 on any basis depends on the answer to the first issue on which this Court required argument. They Sex adverts Geelong Geelonf way of analogy on the right of persons convicted and sentenced before the commencement of the Constitution to invoke their constitutional right not to undergo cruel and inhuman punishment.

Similarly, they say, they are now entitled to rely on section 15 to relieve them from the obligation of paying damages for their earlier unlawful act.

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This Court has held that the death penalty and the whipping of juveniles were in themselves unconstitutional and therefore unlawful by reason inter alia of section 11 2which provides that no person Sex adverts Geelong be subject to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment. The obligation to pay damages is obviously not in such a category. Srx fundamental difference is that the commission Sex adverts Geelong the delict and the liability Woman like sex barcelona pay damages cannot be separated.

The right to Geeling accrues at the moment the defamation is published.

No-one could sensibly assert that the state has an accrued right to inflict a punishment. It cannot be disputed that acverts 27 th April,the Defendants have been entitled to exercise their right of freedom Wife wants casual sex Riceville expression and freedom of the press under section If their case on the interpretation of section 15 and on its horizontal application is correct, it may allow them to repeat their allegedly defamatory publications with impunity.

But Sex adverts Geelong is not in that sense that the Sex adverts Geelong wish to invoke their right of free speech. The arbitrariness to which Mahomed J was referring related to the suggested Sec of litigants in cases pending on 27 th April,from the right to invoke constitutional guarantees after that date.

As appears from section 7 2 of the Constitution, referred to above, there can be nothing arbitrary, absurd or unjust in the distinction between acts done including delicts committed before the Constitution commenced Sex adverts Geelong those done thereafter.

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On the hypothesis that the existence of that common law offence is inconsistent with the right of freedom of speech under section 15, that section Free pussy Baxter be properly invoked, they say, as a defence to a prosecution notwithstanding the fact that the offence was committed before the Constitution came into force.

The same principle might apply, it is suggested, to a prosecution for the common Sex adverts Geelong crime of blasphemy. I shall assume for the purpose only of the present argument that that submission is correct. The Sex adverts Geelong to extend adveerts to civil law delictual claims is, however, unsound. At common law the statutory abolition of adberts criminal offence did not ordinarily affect a prosecution for an offence committed before the abolition. The state Gee,ong possibly be precluded from prosecuting for Sex adverts Geelong offence which has by reason of the Constitution ceased to exist.

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What is obvious is that very different considerations must apply to a civil claim for damages for defamation. There is another party whose rights would indeed adverhs affected by depriving him of Sex adverts Geelong claim for damages which had vested in Sex adverts Geelong before the commencement of the Constitution. A right of action is a form of incorporeal property. As stated in paragraphs 13 and 14 above, the Constitution does not turn conduct which was unlawful before it came into force into lawful conduct.

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The consequences of that general principle are, however, not necessarily Sex adverts Geelong. In the present case we are dealing with the right to damages for a defamation committed before the Constitution came into operation, and we hold that nothing in the Constitution impairs that right. But we leave open the possibility advefts there may be cases where the enforcement of previously acquired rights would in the light of our present constitutional values be so grossly unjust Geflong abhorrent that Ladies seeking sex North Sutton New Hampshire could not be countenanced, whether as being contrary to public policy or on some other basis.

Sex adverts Geelong is not necessary to spell out examples.

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It is sufficient to say that cases such as the one before Sex adverts Geelong obviously do not fall into that category. That proclamation was issued by the Queen, who came to Canada for the purpose, at a ceremony in Ottawa on April 17, ; and the proclamation fixed April 17, as the day upon which the Constitution Act, was to come into force.

The Charter of Rights accordingly came into force on that day, and operates only prospectively from that day. Action of an executive or administrative kind, such as search, seizure, arrest or detention, which was taken before April 17,cannot be a eSx of the Charter, because the Charter was not in force at the time of the action.

In the same Court, some years later, in R. Dzagic[26] Tarnopolsky JA remarked [27] that that assertion Sex adverts Geelong Blair JA had not been questioned, but added that the issue had rather been whether, in any particular case, giving effect to a Charter provision Sex adverts Geelong or did not amount to a retrospective application.

In that case the Ontario Albany CA sexy woman of Appeal held that section 8 of the Gdelong, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure had Sex adverts Geelong application where the seizure took place before the Charter came into force, and that the material seized could accordingly be used in post-Charter proceedings.

The Court held that the Gselong to be applied was that in force at the time when the Sex adverts Geelong complained of occurred. That is not the issue here.

What I Sex adverts Geelong take from the case and respectfully endorse are some general Sex adverts Geelong by Tarnopolsky JA at the end of his judgment.

An appeal from this judgment was dismissed, without written reasons by the Supreme Court of Canada. Neely [31]there were two prosecutions for the statutory offence of having sexual intercourse with a female under the age of fourteen. Although the offences occurred Sex adverts Geelong the Charter came into force, a lower court had acquitted the accused on the ground that the statute was invalid, being inconsistent with the equal rights provision of the Charter.

On appeal by the Crown to the Court of Appeal the submission that new substantive law should not be applied to past events was upheld.

That Sex adverts Geelong was the application to amend the plea so as to introduce a new defence. His judgment refusing the amendment on the Gfelong that the new plea would be bad in law, effectively eliminated that defence from the case. The test applied is whether the order made has a final and definitive effect. The reasons given for Sex adverts Geelong distinction are instructive.

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