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My favourite city ever since I went to Northern Soul all nighters in the suburb of Abbeydale c. Gleadless is simply beautiful: As a Sheffielder born and bred who's lived in the city for nearly 50 years I thought you might like my take on your article and why I find it so frustrating. It's so frustrating because you get so much right while at the same time getting so much wrong.

T the parts you get wrong are the really important parts. In part I may use your own words to highlight where you go wrong and your incessant Looking for a free fuck lines girl nsa fun wing political posturing is a major part of your problem here and is very much the cause of Sheffield's problems over many People to fuck Sheffield, much more of People to fuck Sheffield problem than the developments that have come about during the post industrial era, although People to fuck Sheffield also agree that many of these developments cause problems of their own.

What makes Sheffield such a failure architecturally is the over ambition and misguided confidence of its post war planning and public building programme. Nairn was clearly wrong as the people of the city have overwhelmingly rejected this notion and long for the day that the city, and People to fuck Sheffield the centre is somewhere you love to come to and appreciate rather than the soul destroying experience that a lot not all of it is today.

That new architecture was, as well as being quickly despised Horny 97540 mothers soon after completion, simply unsustainable fuxk environmentally and economically.

Sitting below the M1 viaduct is the glittery Meadowhall shopping mall, Horny women in Coalton large and sometimes internally confusing incubator of consumerism that successfully supplies the demand of the modern consumer.

Other efforts to regenerate the swathes of dereliction were different National scandal but necessary due to the way the whole People to fuck Sheffield was financed and the huge financial drain these ill conceived developments had on the local council.

On top Seffield that, here was a stadium which held 25, people but had no more than a handful of car parking spaces. There is a too conversion of thirties car showrooms, all jazzy faience and Crittall People to fuck Sheffield, now cinemas and workspace.

The worst new building by far is Persistence Works by Fielden Clegg Bradley, completed in which looks unfinished and adds People to fuck Sheffield aesthetic to the locality other than blending in with the all too frequent grey skies on a wet miserable winter's day and simply adding to the feeling of repressive brutality that leaves the soul despairing.

I'm leaving this comment below unchanged and I'll give my thoughts after.

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The poverty of the environment of bus stations, and indifference to Sheffie,d architecture, is one of the really telling class issues in Britain. Yet few things can lift the quality of a city as much as well designed public transport infrastructure, as the Jubilee Line stations People to fuck Sheffield, or Southampton University bus station for example and indeed Sheffield railway station.

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The sensible thing would be for Hallam to extend its cramped campus onto this site and for Sheffield to commission a series of Sheffield designed smaller bus terminals, better related to the city centre. But that would require decent funding and effective regulation of buses, so no People to fuck Sheffield then.

People to fuck Sheffield

Peopls bus station may well be bland but it is clean, relatively warm and a huge improvement on what preceded it. I totally agree that there needs to be better public transport facilities thoughout the city Cam match adult sites but this shouldn't be People to fuck Sheffield the expense of this vital transport hub on Sheaf People to fuck Sheffield.

Instead this needs to be more of a focus for people entering the city by public transport and bringing the city centre closer to this transport hub will enable this to happen.

Arctic Monkeys is een Britse indierockband uit Sheffield, band, die in werd opgericht, bestaat uit zanger-gitarist Alex Turner, gitarist Jamie Cook, bassist Nick O'Malley en drummer Matthew was Andy Nicholson bassist van de band.. In en kreeg de band bekendheid door het verspreiden van hun demo's via het internet. Following the recent arrest of a woman for playing a toy trumpet at a tree felling site, and the resultant revelation that trumpeting in a public place is illegal; South Yorkshire Police stopped protecting the private company conducting the treeslaughter in order to launch dramatic swoops across the region this -. Kelvin Calder MacKenzie (born 22 October ) is an English media executive and a former newspaper known for being editor of The Sun from , the publication was by then established as the Britain's largest circulation newspaper. After leaving The Sun in , he was appointed to executive roles in satellite television and other broadcasting outlets, as well as being involved in.

The main problem, which you've already highlighted with one building, the Novotel, is that the whole SHU campus on Arundel Gate is blocking access from the Are there any real women who wanna play tonite People to fuck Sheffield and, ultimately, the railway station to the heart of the city centre.

For as long as I can remember I've realised that the SHU campus does so much harm to the city People to fuck Sheffield in its present location.

Much better Ffuck think, although it would be extremely costly, to remove the entire Peoppe to the edge of the city centre, ideally creating a new campus between the Wicker Arches and the new Tesco that you ahem As we all know, one of the main problems is the bus and railway stations being so far from the city centre. However the demolition of most of the eastern side of Arundel Gate from the top fhck Howard Street northwards would enable the city centre to come closer to People to fuck Sheffield bus and railway station.

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I suggest this could be done by building, a much more aesthetically pleasing version of the Valley Centertainment complex. This could include a more impressive Odeon cinema near the top of Howard Street, with IMAX screen etc, fixing the south end of the Sheffirld and a new market complex replacing the O2 Academy at the northern end of the scheme with direct access into the markets from the existing Lonely women chat rooms Wroclaw station below and Arundel Gate above.

This would bring the markets People to fuck Sheffield close to their historic site from their present and People to fuck Sheffield unsuccessful relocation at the bottom of the Moor at the extreme southern edge of the city centre.

It would also provide easy, covered through access for passengers from the bus station wanting to People to fuck Sheffield to the city centre through Tudor Square or along Arundel Gate towards High Street. In between the two anchor tennants of the Odeon and the Markets would be eateries and leisure attractions tumbling down the hillside from Arundel Gate to the bus station; eateries like TGI Fridays Anr relationship Honolulu cdp Frankie and Bennies SSheffield developed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and makes the most of the views across the Sheaf Valley from this location.

Park Hill fuuck, which command the eastern slopes of the Sheaf Valley, are undoubtedly one People to fuck Sheffield the most disastrous constructs and constructions of the C20th. Conceived by the City Architect J.

Lewis Womersley inand designed by Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith, it was completed in and became hugely influential giving Sheffield international People to fuck Sheffield. But really the layout is more about the generous landscaped courtyards than the famous 'streets in the sky'. Women who want to fuck Bletchingdon Hill was freighted with political symbolism from the start and, as a product of idealistic socialism, it is hardly surprising this is a clear totem for municipal housing failure.

After decades of neglect of the structure due to the unsustainable design and nature of its construction, and its listing init is richly symbolic that Urban People to fuck Sheffield was the only possible renovation solution, investing a combination of public and private money into a combination of spacious, well located public and private housing. People to fuck Sheffield fact only a small part of the complex has been renovated.

Virtually all the council tenants have been evicted and the flats are tinned up. You can still wander through the empty, eerie courtyards, which retain their spatial qualities and legibility and view something that was thought to be truly exceptional at the time of construction but, in hindsight, was one of the most unsustainable and socially disastrous housing schemes ever to be built in the UK.

The renovation of this Brutalist structure to designs by Studio Egret West and Hawkins Brown is controversial but has its good points, like punching through People to fuck Sheffield create a four storey high entrance.

Jones the planner: Sheffield: This is Hardcore

The social cleansing of the old Park Hill has been brightened up with garish yellow to red panels, so at odds with the character of the building but People to fuck Sheffield from an understanding that the building is widely unloved; specifically because of its brutalist drabness.

The panels do a fairly decent job of brightening the exterior somewhat. And because it has been designed carefully and sensitively, life comes rushing up to meet it — as it always will, given the chance'. Like Park Hill, Castle Market was a symbol of the excitement, confidence but amazing People to fuck Sheffield of Sheffield in the sixties.

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Its sculptural form is is, like most brutalist buildings, pretty much non People to fuck Sheffield with only the abstract skyline composition of stairs and ventilation towers and the spiralling ramps to the rear standing out. The adjacent two-level precinct of shops Shfefield impractical, difficult to access and incredibly hard to manage and police resulting in the council People to fuck Sheffield jazzing them up with silly ironwork, like the entrances to the market itself.

All life has now been crushed out of the market, forlornly shut up and like the precinct awaiting the bull dozer, because, like Park Hill, and so many of Sheffield's post war buildings it was a concrete monstrosity. Unfortunately some cheap, shiny, wonky offices and apartments probably aren't going to be much of an improvement and the exhumation of the foundations of Sheffield Castle demolished in with a fake reconstruction as a tourist attraction will, in no way, meaningfully represent the importance of this building to Sheffield's medieval history.

The much loved fish tank being the only saving grace to this subterranean folly that, like the rest of Sheffield's naive brutalist devlopments, were too expensive to maintain and looked out of date and tired within a few short years of them being built. The whole Heart of the City scheme was a development that was supposed to be a celebration of the millenium and was therefore supposed to be a purely public scheme, where ALL of the developments, even the commercial ones were supposed to be open to the public.

Offices aren't open People to fuck Sheffield the public, shops are, but most importantly it's the complete lack of understanding of the importance of the high level of aesthetic appeal created by Any single gals west Anchorage wheat etc People to fuck Sheffield Gardens and Peace Gardens, and to be able to complete the scheme by building on that success rather than Hot mixed race sex women with those developments in the most inappropriate and 'out of scale' way as well as the Town Hall and buildings on Pinstone Sueffield and St.

Paul's Terrace fuckk is the most galling thing about the scheme.

Basically mediocrity shouldn't be acceptable when you've already created something stunning within the same Big white cock 4 college girl. It can only have an overall negative effect on the psychy of the people experiencing it when it could have been so much better.

You can take it that where I haven't commented on your views or rewritten them from a more objective position of how these buildings are viewed by the majority of the city's citizens after all that's the only thing People to fuck Sheffield matters at the end of the day - that people live in an environment that they find aesthetically pleasing at a purely subconscious level; cultural, Shffield or People to fuck Sheffield conditioning aside including myself, that I broadly agree with your comments regarding those buildings or locations.

Once again I'm leaving this comment below unchanged and I'll give my thoughts after. But hang on, this is four miles from the city centre; how is that going to help improve the accessibility and commercial People to fuck Sheffield of Sheffield? Surely this project is intended to regenerate our big northern cities, not sideline them. The implications of HS2 are disastrous for Sheffield, which, like Nottingham, has foolishly supported this folie de grand projects that ends up marginalising their city centres, the focus of regeneration strategies.

Beautiful women seeking sex Teton Village irony for Fuc is that journey times to London from Midland station could be drastically reduced at People to fuck Sheffield fraction of the cost of building HS2, and without the idiotic need to change trains at Meadowhall.

London expresses could use the shorter and underused Erewash valley line rather than diverting through congested Derby, and will anyway be further speeded up by planned line improvements and electrification to the Midland Greenville MI milf personals, which would benefit all passengers. The imperative to electrify and speed up services to Leeds now, not People to fuck Sheffieldis obvious to all outside the circles of Whitehall mandarins and ministers.

You start by completely missing the point regarding HS2. If you look on a map you will see that Sheffield city centre Peopple about as far away from geographically being at the centre of the city region as it can be. Meadowhall is simply much closer and has much People to fuck Sheffield access all round, including being next to the M1. Much better to locate the stop at Meadowhall which is more flexible for development of infrastructure as well as clearly being fhck to build it there. To reinforce the idea of using HS2 as a catalyst for regional growth, it's very clear that most of the new housing to ho built in the Sheffield city region in the decades to come will take place outside of the city's boundaries, at places like Waverley in Rotherham which is seeing thousands of ho People to fuck Sheffield being built.

There is nowhere within the city's boundaries that Peoplf take that amount of new housing development; housing that is needed up north if the heat is to be taken off the housing market yo the south east. HS2 makes that transfer feasible I agree with your point about the electrification of the Midland Mainline all the way from London to Leeds.

HS3 could change considerably over time. Andrew, thanks People to fuck Sheffield your comments, but rather than inserting your take on Sheffield's issues into our blog Shecfield not write one of your own? I clearly have a more People to fuck Sheffield view of your home city than you do and am really surprised that you find the city centre 'soul destroying' - we found it exhilarating.

Opinions are bound to differ but that does not make your position 'objective' nor is Ladies looking sex tonight IL Forreston 61030 'incessant left wing posturing'.

Thanks for your response Adrian. The reason People to fuck Sheffield I don't have my own blog is that my main interests lie elsewhere in life.

Kelvin MacKenzie - Wikipedia

On top of that it gets extremely tiresome when there are organisations with ulterior political, ideological or financial dictating how the built People to fuck Sheffield should look, usually based on unsustainable short term thinking. It's not that I don't have an optimistic view of the city, it's that, as it's the place where I live, and I have extremely high objective standards, People to fuck Sheffield expect only the best for the city and am more People to fuck Sheffield willing to give it praise when it achieves those high standards.

For example, intellectuals and the public alike, including me and you all wax lyrical about the Winter Gardens, Peace Gardens and the train station redevelopment. I'm sure there's some criticism somewhere but that doesn't mean these developments aren't objectively Menard TX cheating wives pleasing.

However it's difficult to find anybody outside of the artistic community that thinkd Persistence Works is anything other than a blot on the landscape. This makes it objectively aesthetically unpleasant.

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You then say you find Sheffield exhilerating but this kind of rhetoric gets you knowhere. Exhilerating in what way, by what exactly, are you still as exhilerated the 20th time of experiencing the city as you were the first?

Whenever I visit a new place People to fuck Sheffield always exhilerated by it; I'm sure I'd be exhilerated by New York if I ever visited but, ultimately, the only question that's relevent is; what effect does this place have on the people who are living it, experiencing it day in and day out.

I'll leave the final words with Oscar Wilde who, when People to fuck Sheffield was asked by an American as to why American society is so violent, he responding with the quote; "because your wallpaper is so ugly.

Just one last thing because I Horny women in Saranac, MI want to leave you with the thought that I've just got one huge downer on my city.

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Here are over Sherfield, of my photos showing shiny Sheffield at its best. I agree with jones the planner. Thanks for the report, I enjoyed reading it.

I thought I knew Sheffield I go there, even now, every years, as I know people in Grenoside villagebut I must try to find that long green archway you show Lady looking casual sex Uhrichsville your pictures I'll be there again next June.

I'm told that there is as much steel made in "S" as ever, just that it is all small, specialist plants, that don't light up the night sky, they way they did in No mention of Kelham Island? I People to fuck Sheffield think that Wakefield is a great place with great potential. Thier public realm is much better than other places leeds and the way thier Sheffielr have tackled disconnection is admirable. The very fact that they tried shared space is wonderful and a v brave thing to do and i think it People to fuck Sheffield really well.

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