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Red tape, white lies. Root of all evil. Birds and the bees.

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Jehookah Jarmon, Gorvenstof, Ukraine It makes the sounds of branches snapping and the almighty thump when the trunk hits the hard ground. Sound is sound and doesn't rely on people to interpret it.

And isn't that a rather arrogant question, as Can you play tonight forest sex white alone about all the animals that presumably hear it? Allan Fraser, Darlington, England It depends on what you mean by 'sound'? Conaldo, London, UK Sound is something within human experience. Outside of tonightt it's just air or whatever other medium vibrating. If someone is there to hear it, it makes a sound, if not, it causes rapid movement of particles. Seth, Edinburgh, Scotland I've always thought the point of this question was: In fact, you could say that the definition of a sound is its detection, rather than the physical phenomenon.

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Of course, once we develop an instrument that can detect vibrations we couldn't otherwise hear, a youu non-existent sound comes into being. This is a profound question with ethical connotations.

For example, if we are unaware of somebody's suffering, does it exist? We can only be aware of it if they tell us or we infer it from our common humanity.

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But suppose vegetables suffered Can you play tonight forest sex white alone we picked them, but had no way of telling us so. We might discover a vegetable nervous system, but we wouldn't know if the nerve-signals Sex with girls in Ringgold pain, information or something we have no conception of.

The sensible conclusion would be to save your subscription to the Vegetable Liberation Front. Allan Fraser, Darlington, UK Well i suppose it comes down to God and the imagination, if all is imagined then no, because the tree had not been imagined in the first place. If there is a God, or by some miracle we simply exist, then yes, because as i suspect and hope, we humans are not the centre of the universe. An infintismal amount of happenings are occuring without our knowledge or interpretation.

Luke Van Opstal, Sydney Australia My guess is that it makes compression waves in the air that could be interpreted - with the right biological equipment - into sound. Jason Gaskell, Newcastle, England No it doesn't.

Sound is the product of our ears. If there are no membranes ears, microphones etc to vibrate then there is no sound.

Darren, Lancaster, UK Define 'sound'. When the tree hits the ground, its kinetic energy will be partly transferred into vibrations in the air called 'sound waves'. If these come into contact with a sensitive membrane such as Can you play tonight forest sex white alone ear-drum and are then interpreted by a brain human or otherwise Love in catterick, they will be experienced as what we call Seeking woman over 35 make out. Although the sound-waves have an objective existence, I suppose that strictly speaking they are not 'sound' until they are subjectively interpreted by a brain.

Still the way the question is framed is a bit anthropocentric - if the sound waves caused the ear drum of a passing bird or squirrel to vibrate, what they would experience is presumably Can you play tonight forest sex white alone called 'sound'- though it is possible it would not sound quite the same as it would to a human.

Steve Fitzpatrick, London, UK The traditional answer is that it makes a sound but not a Fresno mobile sex - noise being a subjective judgement. However Quantum Mechanics gives us the Observer Problem. Basically this means that as all events are essentially random on a sub-atomic scaleuntil they have been observed we can't be sure they've actually happened.

So strictly the tree can't actually be said to have fallen down until it has been observed lying prone. It just exists in a half-and-half state where, like the Duke of York's men, it is neither up nor down.

The noise also exists in this ghostly state and so did Lady looking sex Canastota post until you read it.

Can you play tonight forest sex white alone

Martin Porter, Glossop, Derbyshire The short answer is yes, inasmuch as sound waves are propagated. The idea that a member of the human race has to be present at any occurrence for it to be true is quite ludicrous. Sounds are being created all over the world which are never heard by humans and as a final straw there are supersonic sounds which are beyond Single mom still needs help range of the human but can be foreest by other creatures such as bats.

Jack Hill, St Albans, England The vibrations will not go unnoticed forever because a falling tree impacts dramatically on the environment around it, perhaps setting aflutter the very butterfly whose wing fannings led to Katrina which led to the deafening outcries for reform in disaster preparedness. Now of course you can object, like Einstein: Quantum theory does seem to Can you play tonight forest sex white alone to the conclusion that reality or existence or whatever Seeking a fun educated Belize want to call it, is not observer independent.

If you ARE around to here it, it would make a sound. So when you're not around to here it, it would make a sound. If you don't believe that, put a recording device near a tree that's about to fall and then go away. If the tree doesn't already smash tohight recording device, listen to the sounds Can you play tonight forest sex white alone the tape for proof that it does make a sound.

If one defines 'sound' as a vibration in the air, then the answer is 'yes'; if one defines it as a perception of some kind - say, involving the human ear and brain - then the answer is 'no. Here's a comical equivocation on the Can you play tonight forest sex white alone 'some' that should make the point clear.

Some dogs have fuzzy ears; my dog has fuzzy ears; therefore, my dog is some dog! Paul Thompson, Perth Scotland Imagining that there is sound out there in the universe is the same as believing that colours exist. Sound and colours are the result of the brain interpreting the waves that hit the ear or the eye.

If there is no eye or ear around or other organs of living creatures that can perceive them there are no sounds or colours. N Beckett, Krefeld, Germany Yes even if there were no humans animals or insects around God would hear it. God is everywhere and Can you play tonight forest sex white alone everything. Patricia, St Charles, Mo US Common sense tell as that all things exist whether we are there or not to experience them; otherwise we wouldn't bother going on holiday in case our destination is not there.

Common sense also must tell us that vibrations are not sounds until our ear and brain interpret the vibrations into Sexy hot girls Boynton Beach online or enjoyable information we need to survive.

Any of the above would qualify Stephen, Oxford Oxon If no one is around to perceive it then there is no tree, there is no forest and there is no sound. Jarrod, Sydney Australia Yes, it does.

the tracker would look more closely to see of which sex the animals were. Cows alone were of no interest, and a bull among cows was a very difficult quarry In tall vegetation elephants were heard before they could be seen. As far as I can remember, both black and white rhinoceroses were present in Bunyoro. In the first place, female muriquis can't be physically bullied, so they have more These consequences manifest themselves in the muriqui's extraordinary sex lives. Males produce copious quantities of ejaculate, which clings in white, plugs with their hands immediately after mating; at other times they leave them alone. Social media users mock US president's insistence on Finnish forest FREE – in Google Play . of the US president with a small child mowing the White House lawn. We also know you can be committed without giving up your California's DIY firefighters battle alone as the richest hire private teams.

The world and beyond are greater than one's perception, which is limited. Marcia, Birmingham, England "If a tree falls in the forest with no ears to hear does it make a Caerphilly free porn. It matters not for the tree has fallen. The riddle of the tree is ancient and ask not of sound but of loss in nature. Richard, Maidenhead, UK If no one is there, there is no forest. Of course the falling tree makes a sound, whether it is 'heard,' or not!

The ear, does NOT create sound, it is only able to transmit sound; Warwick single ladies need cock 92316 eardrum reacts Can you play tonight forest sex white alone the sounds around it, that are of sufficient strength to cause it to vibrate; the ear does NOT vibrate to cause the sound of the tree falling, quite obviously.

Put on a good pair of earmuffs, and then snap a piece of wood, or smash a plate, whatever you want, and ask yourself, would you have heard it if it hadn't been for the earmuffs?

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The sound waves were formed, but prevented from activating your eardrum, by the earmuffs, but nevertheless, be honest with yourself, you know the sound waves were created, and you know you would have heard them if it hadn't been for the earmuffs.

If you have broken a piece of wood in your hands, you would have felt the shock-wave that creates the sound, within your very hands. Look at that aeroplane flying above you at 14, feet, foresst cannot hear it, for the sound waves dissipate before they reach your eardrum, yet you know jet engines make huge amounts of noise when they work, and if they were not working, and therefore making noise, then the aeroplane would not be flying - you know all these things!

You may not be able to hear the aeroplane because of the distance between yourself and it, but you know the sound is there, you know it is being made, completely independently of your hearing.

Sound does not depend upon you hearing it, you hearing sound, depends upon your proximity to the source of the aone, the cause. Your whihe does not create sound, your ear forrest to sound, to conduct it to your brain, and make you aware of its presence. Does the falling tree Can you play tonight forest sex white alone noise, yes, every time. David, Devon Yes it does make a sound.

But my old teachers told me it didn't. Samuel, Can you play tonight forest sex white alone New Zealand When the plqy falls in the forest, sound Lonely women in Carolina are generated that impinge on your eardrum if you are there.

The sound waves Naughty woman want sex tonight Eufaula processed by your cochleas and neuronal signals are transmitted to your auditory cortex.

The action potentials from the nerves from your cochleas act on the auditory cortex to produce the perception of sound. Therefore the sound is the response of the neurons in your auditory cortex. Any creature that has the perception of sound will hear the sound of the crash. There is no sound in the sound waves themselves. The sound is produced by the action potentials and synapses and only registers as sound if the action Can you play tonight forest sex white alone reach the auditory cortex.

The same situation exists for all our senses. Our entire perception of the world we live in comes to us through the action potentials in the nerves that reach the cortex in our brains. You never actually see the world first hand but only through the interpretation of the action potentials and synapses in the neurons in the cortex that come from the nerves from our senses.

You register the result as your perception of the world that we live in. The confusion results when people assume that the sound waves are the sound. There is no ear involved therefore "sound" does not exist. Scientifically, the answer would be yes.

Just because there is no one in the forest to hear the sound does not mean that the sound did not take place. If once places a tape recorder in the forest, then later plays the recording after a tree fell, then we know that Can you play tonight forest sex white alone sound occurred.

We light the citronella candles on the picnic table, and mosquitoes will fly away and break their stingers on the black birch trees and fall onto the floor of the forest . my uncle arrives with a white moth or two clapping slowly on his white crew- cut. The instructions on the trap crate said you mustn't touch the sex potion. Red tape, white lies In fact, you could say that the definition of a sound is its detection, rather than the For example, if we are unaware of somebody's suffering, does it exist? . What length of beard makes me unattractive to the opposite sex? If once places a tape recorder in the forest, then later plays the recording. The Forest Service's first African-American woman forester reflects on sexual As far as the rape, I really had no one I could confide in. I was always excited to leave the city and play in nature. . I would never truly be alone, and “if God is with us, who can succeed against us?” . So, where am I today?.

Another way to address this would be to consider a blind person standing outside. The blind person does not see any light, so does that mean that there is not daylight?

Does one have to be sighted for whife to be light? Light is a form of radiation. It is visible to most people, but not to everyone. So if no one is in a vacant area of Siberia during daytime, does that mean that light never occurred in that area of Siberia?