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Davidson is from Staten Island, N. Jones is from Memphis, Tenn.

Kyle Mooney returns to "Saturday Night Live" as a cast member for his fourth season. He has also contributed his signature man on the street interviews.

In addition to co-founding the Good Neighbor sketch group, Mooney has been a regular writer and performer at Upright Citizens Brigade since His birthday is Sept. Sasheer Zamata returns to "Saturday Night Live" for her fourth season.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in drama, she moved to New York in and began performing improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Zamata is a stand-up comedian and performs live all over the world.

Zamata is from Indianapolis and currently lives in New York City. Her birthday is May 6.

Day was a member of The Groundlings comedy troupe in Los Angeles. Moffat is konday Chicago and attended Denison University. His birthday is March She hails from Whittier, CA.

Her birthday is October 9. Full schedule Show schedule.

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